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International Police Officer, Liaison Coordinator, and Police Instructor, with six years' experience in law enforcement and military medical operations.


Law Enforcement
Force Protection Operations


Excellent Interpersonal Skills
Superior Oral and Written Communications
Intelligence Analyst
Brief High Level Delegations
Instructor and Trainer
Tactical Operations Analyst
Counterterrorism Activities
Liaison and Intelligence Sources
Surgical Technical
Solve Crimes


International Police Officer
Company Name
2007 - 2012
Managed regular police duties from responding to murder and other crimes to handling neighborhood disturbances. Work with interpreters and train local national police officers in managing crime scenes including surveillance, tradecraft, report writing, investigations, interviewing witnesses and suspects.
Conduct frequent liaison with local nationals and law enforcement agencies. Conduct hands-on training for new personnel.
Promoted to a Primary Field Training Officer and conducted classroom training, teaching local nationals how to develop and establish a working police department. Moved on as a SWAT trainer, responsible for working with the top officers in the field. Played an instrumental role in the development and foundation building of the Regional SWAT Team. Trained the special SWAT Team in lawful breaching of buildings, tactical entry methods, antiterrorism training, firearms instruction, team building, riot control, hostage extraction, vehicle extractions, explosives, etc.
Utilized excellent mediation and interpersonal communication skills to bring the two groups together, solve problems, discuss issues and form the multi-ethnic unit. Conducted constant liaison with local police and military forces to determine threat levels to ensure Force Protection.
Further promoted to Liaison Officer. Gather intelligence information from various source operations and prepare and deliver briefings to high-level decision makers. Act as a bridge between NATO and the United Nations to determine when to use police forces to diffuse public or military uprisings or other threats.
Monitor intelligence data gathering and collection activities in the tactical operations center. Gathered information culminating in the prosecution of seven bombings under terrorist activity.
Police Officer
Company Name
2003 - 2007
Patrolman working within inner city neighborhoods. Responded to calls for service. Directed traffic at the scene of fires, investigated burglaries, or provided first aid as required to accident victims.
Assisted other officers to secure crime or accident scenes, collect or protect evidence.
Built relationships with local population mobilizing neighborhoods to help fight crime.
Investigated suspected crimes including murder, burglaries, domestic violence/disturbances, gang problems, suspicious activities, and unpaid parking tickets.
Communicated effectively both orally speaking with people and responding to emergencies or diffusing problems at crime scenes/accidents, and in writing reports of investigation. Interviewed witnesses and suspects at the scene.


Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies
University of the North
Emphasis on Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice


International Police Programmes - Police Assessment, Selection and Training Programme (Conflict, Analysis, Beretta M-9 pistol training, defensive tactics, baton and OC aerosol irritant and Officer Safety Defensive Mindset and Surveillance Detection)
Problem Solving, Leeds Police
Criminal Justice Seminar
Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course
Computerized Criminal Justice Training
Police Academy
Operating Room Specialist and Certified Surgical Technical Course

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